Thursday, 13 July 2017

Life Grows, So Do You

There will always be that time in life when you will need to alter your dreams and compromise your passion, and that is called priority.
No one has the right to stop you from chasing your dreams and living your passion, but the need to reevaluate your priorities will naturally set in as you learn that life is not just about me, but also us and them.
It is very rare that you will get to achieve everything at once, as you learn that even achievements are better when shared.
You would need to dedicate time for others, and that means stretching your life a little bit longer and wider.
You would need more patience to remind yourself that is now requires more effort to focus your own mind because you need to take care of other people and many other things that you initially never thought of.
When it has always been your  #1 priority to reach your dreams, down the read it might become #3 as your main priority today is to send your kid to the best school.
And you learn the concept of compromising… because life grows and so do you/

By Diana Rikasari in #88lovelife

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